Problem Statement:

Design a Snake game that is played on a device with screen size height x width. Play the game online here if you are not familiar with the game.

The snake is initially positioned at the top left corner (0, 0) with a length of 1 unit.

You are given an array food where food[i] = (ri, ci) is the row and column position of a piece of food that the snake can eat. When a snake eats a piece of food, its length and the game's score both increase by 1.

Each piece of food appears one by one on the screen, meaning the second piece of food will not appear until the snake eats the first piece of food.

When a piece of food appears on the screen, it is guaranteed that it will not appear on a block occupied by the snake.

The game is over if the snake goes out of bounds (hits a wall) or if its head occupies a space that its body occupies after moving (i.e. a snake of length 4 cannot run into itself).

Implement the Snake Game.

Java and Python Solution:

Detailed Low Level Design:

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Highly Optimized Production Grade Implementation:

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Time Complexity:

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Space Complexity:

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