Problem Statement:

Design a search autocomplete system for a search engine. Users may input a sentence (at least one word and end with a special character '#').

You are given a string array sentences and an integer array times both of length n where sentences[i] is a previously typed sentence and times[i] is the corresponding number of times the sentence was typed. For each input character except '#', return the top 3 historical hot sentences that have the same prefix as the part of the sentence already typed.

Here are the specific rules:
  • The hot degree for a sentence is defined as the number of times a user typed the exactly same sentence before.
  • The returned top 3 hot sentences should be sorted by hot degree (The first is the hottest one). If several sentences have the same hot degree, use ASCII-code order (smaller one appears first).
  • If less than 3 hot sentences exist, return as many as you can.
  • When the input is a special character, it means the sentence ends, and in this case, you need to return an empty list.
Design and implement the Auto Complete System.

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